Dota 2: Oracle Hero Guide

The hero of Oracle is one of the strongest supports that belongs to the highest category of complexity in Dota 2. He is very strong on the line and in the further game. Oracle is capable of harming its allies and helping the enemy, so you need to be very good at playing it, so as not to become the sixth player of the enemy’s team. The whole gameplay on it is a combination of abilities. The first skill Fortune’s End removes most of the positive and negative effects from the goal. The second skill of Fate’s Edict prohibits targets from beating with their hands, but it blocks all magic damage. The third skill Purifying Flames first deals magic damage and then heals the target for 8 seconds. Check how to play Oracle before dota 2 gambling.

Check All the Combinations

There are several combinations:

  • Ally treatment: First you need to use Fate’s Edict to block the damage from Purifying Flames, then use the Purifying Flames target. Thus, you will block the damage with a shield, and all the treatment will be exactly imposed.
  • Damage the enemy: Use Purifying Flames one or more times on your opponent, and then remove the healing effect with Fortune’s End. In some cases, you can use Fortune’s End first, and while it is flying Purifying Flames.
  • Save an ally: Here, you can use two Fortune’s End skills to remove any effect, or Fate’s Edict to prevent the enemy from beating an ally. Remember that Fate’s Edict will block all magical damage to an enemy, so sometimes it's best not to use it. Among the shortcomings it is necessary to highlight the fact that to play Oracle you need a good understanding of the game, a lot of experience on this character and on others. Also, you definitely need to cooperate with allies. If you get a weak player in the Carry position, you will not be able to win in a solo, all saves will not help the novice.
  • Fortune’s end. This ability charges up to 2.5 seconds after use. You can interrupt castes at any time. The target and all enemies in a small area near it will not be able to move, the duration of the immobilization is equal to the duration of the caste. Also, most of the effects are removed from the target, the opponents are positive, the allies are negative.
  • Fate’s Edict. The ability blocks incoming magic damage to the target, and also prohibits it from attacking with the hand. You can hang on both enemies and allies.
  • Purifying flames. This skill, as mentioned above, deals with damage, and then activates a healing effect on the target, which persists for 8 seconds. It should be noted that the damage is inflicted less than the target will receive heal, but the difference is not large and there is an amendment to the resistance to magic damage. So, remove the treatment from the enemies, otherwise you will only make them better. This ability improves with the purchase of Aghanim’s Scepter, in which case the cooldown is reduced to 1 second.
  • False Promise. With this ability, you can postpone any damage and healing you take. The only hero who is able to interrupt the life of a goal under this ability is Ax with the help of his ultimate but for this purpose the goal should have little health.

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